About Us

Inventus BioEnergy Private Limited (IBE™) is established on 11th May 2020. IBE™ is a unique startup that intends to function via interdisciplinary, innovative, cost-effective research and design for product development pertaining to Energy storage devices (Li-Ion, Li-S, Li-Air, futuristic Na/S and Na-Ion) Energy & Environment friendly products and methods, and Health supportive diagnostic products (for instance COVID19 test kits).  IBE™ intends to support National mission projects like (i) Solar energy (installation with Li-Ion battery ESS), (ii) E-mobility via indigenous advanced battery technologies, (iii) Information and Communication Technology for Health care through R&D.  In particular, IBE™ caters to needs of India energy supplies and storage media via indigenous Energy storage solutions (Li-Ion Chemistry and formulation for manufacturing) via MAKE-IN-INDIA policy and pledges to support PLI scheme announced by the Government of India.

Also, IBE™ offers consultancy services for Industries in the above areas via collaborative projects and problem-oriented solutions in energy generation and storage.

IBE™ welcomes Joint Development partners (JDP) and Joint Venture (JV) business propositions for its disruptive Protected Lithium metal Cassette (PLC) anode based All-Solid State Battery Technology developed (TRL 6/7) and its other technologies under Energy & Environment vertical. Currently, IBE™  is on fund raising to support its commercialization drive.