Verticals of IBE

Battery and Supercapacitor Energy Storage

1. Lithium -ion battery (liquid electrolyte) chemistry and Full manufacturing formulation- TRL6/7
2. All Solid State Battery – Protected Lithium Cassettee Anode – TRL 6
3. Supercapacitors – Symmetric low ESR non-aqueous capacitor – Carbon Chemistry and Formulation – TRL 6/7
4. Capattery – LTO based Bipolar hybrid cell technology – TRL 5
5. R&D category : Na-ion cells, All Solid State Na/S (at room temperature), PLC employed Li-Air and Li/S
Contact: Dr. S. R. S. Prabaharan;                                                                                       Email:;                                                       Mobile: +919080222078

Energy and Environment

1. Microbial Electrochemical Cells for Plastic Recycling into value added product- TRL6/7
2. Microbial Electrochemical Cells for used Li-ion battery cathode material recovery – TRL 3
3. Hydrogen Producing Fuel Cells – TRL 5
4. Microbial Electrolytic cells for hair straightening – TRL 5
5. R&D category : Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries, Aqueous Metal-ion batteries, Microwave assisted (a) recovery of Li-ion battery cathode materials and (b) plastic recycling
Contact: Dr. S. Harinipriya;                                                                                              Email:;                                                      Mobile: +919840057460

Biomedical and Health Care

R&D category :
1. A paper kit for viral stain detection
2.  Photoelectrochemical method for pharmacy effluent treatment
Contact: Dr. Manjunath Srinivas Kamath;                                                                         Email:;                                                       Mobile: +916380272746

Industry-Academia Relations

R&D category :

1. Polysulphide shuttling mitigation by DFT and KMC simulations
2. Bio-Battery
Contact: Dr. V. sudha;                                                                                                                     Email:;                                                          Mobile: +919787891757