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No.9,  Beach Home Avenue, 3rd Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090, India


We’re always eager to talk to prospective clients about what we do in Li-Ion and Solid-State Battery Space.  Please speak to us to know more about our technology transfer avenues. We offer turn-key projects and solutions to set up Raw Materials Production facilities.

(i) Li-Ion cell chemistry (LFP and NMC)

(ii) Blended CAM Chemistry (LFMP+NMC)

(iii) Battery Grade CAM (NMC532, NMC811, LFP, LFMP, LCO and LMO)

(iv) Battery Grade LiPF6 electrolyte and LiPF6+LiFSI Blended electrolyte formulation

(v) Dry Electrode Technology (Environmentally benign) for CAM and AAM

(vi) Supercapacitor and Hybrid Capacitor Chemistry and Process formulation

(vii) Battery grade LTO anode production process (Our Innovative Nanodot – OnePot (1P) synthesis method).

Do get in touch with our Tech team any questions regarding our client-friendly business approach for technology transfer and turn-key solutions.

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