Energy Storage Products for Licensing (Exclusive and Non-exclusive) 

Conventional Li-Ion Energy Storage Technology (Cell chemistry and Raw Materials)

  1. Lithium-ion Cell Chemistry (NMC, LFP, LCO LMO and LTO), Indigenous formulation  (liquid electrolyte) and the complete Manufacturing process – TRL 8
  2. Battery grade active materials (NMC, LFMP, LFP, LCO, LMO & LTO) bulk powder manufacturing Technology – TRL 8
  3. Advanced LiPF6 Aprotic organic Liquid Electrolyte Formulation with conventional and special carbonate additives – TRL 8
  4. Dry Electrode Technology (Environmentally benign) for CAM and AAM – TRL 6/7

Solid-State Battery Technology (Ceramic Solid Electrolyte, Dry Polymer Electrolyte, and Protected Lithium metal Cassette anode)

  1.  All Solid-State Battery-Protected Lithium Cassette Anode – TRL 6

48 mohm/2.7V Conventional Supercapacitor Technology (Cell chemistry)

  1. Supercapacitors – Symmetric low ESR non-aqueous capacitor – Cell Chemistry and Formulation –   TRL 7
  2. Capattery – LTO based Bipolar hybrid cell technology – TRL 5

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  1. All-solid state Na-ion, Na/S (at room temperature)
  2. Protected Lithium metal Cassette (PLC) employed Li-air and Li/S – Plug-n-Drive Technology – TRL 6

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