Dr. S.R.S. Prabaharan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Prabaharan is a Chief Executive of Inventus BioEnergy (P) Ltd, India. He carries with him a THREE decade long of rich R&D experience in Rechargeable Li batteries, Supercapacitor and Solid Electrolytes.  He has pioneered in Energy Storage Technologies based on indigenous versatile NMC, NCA, LCO and LMO  cell chemistries with its unique electrode slurry aqueous formulation.  Dr. Prabaharan develops the world’s most innovative All-Solid-State Batteries (ASSB) technology incorporates a disruptive protected lithium metal cassette (PLC) anode. Besides, he holds several patents to his credit including the recent patent on Capattery hybrid cell which has an internal hybrid combination employing LTO (Li4Ti5O12) as bipolar electrode which demonstrates the charge-like Li-Ion battery (LIB) and discharge-like asymmetric Li-Ion Capacitor (LIC).  Also, he owns a Supercapacitor technology formulation based porous carbon chemistry that outperforms most competitor brands in terms of cost, environmental friendly cocoshell carbons with no gas evolution formulation having a low ESR (10 of milliohms).  He  earned his Doctorate in 1991 in the field of Li-Ion conducting Solid Electrolytes. His research and business acumen is the result of Inventus BioEnergy with a tagline “Revolutionize Humanity”, the company offers Li-Ion cell chemistry and technology formulation to manufacturers of Li-Ion cells ensuring material supply chain sustenance and machinery suppliers.

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Dr. S. Harinipriya, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dr. S. Harinipriya  is the head of Energy & Environment vertical and is responsible for patenting and IPR related activities. Harinipriya came to IBE™ with over 17 years of experience in electrochemical systems. She is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM).

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